catacomb3-1Here it is, Cinna (MAN) bun, the 3rd installment of Wiley Roots Brewing Company’s “Catacomb Society.” The membership only program features six ultra rare beer offerings that must have been pre-ordered at the beginning of the year. Thus far members of “The Catacomb Society” have been dealt two great offerings: Montmorency Dreams and Apricot Boxes. Both sours featured fruit grown and harvested in Colorado. Cherries and peaches, respectively.

Cinna (MAN) bun, is an interesting take on barrel aged, sour beers. As the name states, the brewers added cinnamon and even some vanilla to a base beer made with 70% Pilsner malt and 30% flaked wheat along with a curated blend of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces. The addition of cinnamon and vanilla is what sets this beer apart from most sours on the market, which rely heavily on fruit to coincide with the often strong funkiness brought on by our microbial friends.

The nose of this selection offers an instant sensation of spiced apples, and upon further investigation, a sweet vanilla oakiness makes it’s way through the obviously tart beer to come. The beer pours clean and golden with light effervescence. With the knowledge that this beer contained Brettanomyces, we were slightly worried that we would be in for a wild ride. To our surprise, the expert blending of microbes created a beer that was not scary at all. Truly all that went into this beer came together to create a sensation of blended spiced apple. Again, a slight oakiness came through with vanilla undertones. Cinna (MAN) bun’s mouthfeel was dry, and astringent, with a good amount of puckering.

Fine beer like this is something to behold; it is rare and something to be taken seriously, for fun, for special occasions. More interesting and important than an expensive bottle of wine, find yourself some rare beer, and let it take you away.