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Month: August 2015

Brewery Profile: Snowbank Brewing

Snowbank Brewing Company is holding its own in the shadow of its bigger brothers. Tucked neatly behind Fort Collins Brewery at the northern end of Lemay Avenue, the city’s newest brewery has a certain buzz about it. A sophisticated modern taproom – with elegant rail lighting, the scent of freshly-laid wood floors, and a unique quartz bar – Snowbank relies on its beers and charm and not much more. And this seems to be enough, as the taproom with seating for nearly 60 seems to always be full. No television, no dart board, no pool table to be found....

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Bar Review: Town Pump

No one can blame Town Pump for sticking to tradition. At 106 years old, Fort Collins oldest bar looks and feels as if it hasn’t changed much since it opened its doors way back in 1909, in the same location. The tiny watering hole has the feel of a small town bar – with deer busts and antlers on the wall, bumper stickers proclaiming “Zappa for President” and “Nuke Gay Whales for Jesus,” and letter boards with yellow-stained pricing of $2.00 for a can of PBR. The actual price of a beer was not far off though, at $3.25...

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New Planet Brewery, A Boulder Brewery’s Gluten Free take on Beer

Pedro Gonzalez, founder of New Planet gluten free brewery in Boulder, Colorado tells The Pint that making gluten free beer is essentially like making a modern day house, with a “1940’s tool box.” It is not an easy task to brew with gluten free ingredients such as: millet, sorghum, rice, and corn, and make them taste like the same carbonated, malty, beverage we’ve all come to love. “There’s a large segment of the population allergic to gluten, as high as 10%. Gluten free and gluten-reduced beers provide us with an avenue to be able to drink beer.” Said Gonzalez. He himself suffers from celiac disease, and when The Pint asked why he began brewing, he simply said, “I wanted to drink craft beer!” While Gluten free beer is made in the complete absence of gluten, beers that are crafted to reduce gluten are made with traditional ingredients such as malted barely, and wheat, but under go a process of enzyme hydrolyzation which breaks up the gluten. Gluten free, or gluten aware, New Planet offers a solution. New Planet is unique in the fact that it focuses heavily on its bottle sales. New Planets flagship selection of gluten free beers: Pale ale, Blond ale, Belgian ale, and Raspberry ale, can be found in liquor stores across the continental US. Ingredients are of up most importance to gluten free consumers. All...

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Beer Profile: Cuvee Brut, Liefmans

Liefmans’ Cuveè Brut is a cherry-tart Flemish brown fruit beer. Deep red in color, it is a blend of 3 separate beer styles, and aged with cherries. Produced in Belgium with a heritage that dates back more than 300 years. The wild yeasts in Liefmans Cuvee Brut are unique to it’s home and can only be found in Oudenaarde, Belgium. It’s flavor profile consists of sour cherries, under ridden by a juicy sweetness. It offers smooth mouthfeel, and jaw tingling tartness. Cuvee Brut Finishes with a powerful funk that reminds the drinker of the ancient cellars in which this beer was aged. Could be overwhelming to an unseasoned sour drinker. All around a fantastic beer to be enjoyed on special...

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Beer Profile: Love Child #5, Boulevard Brewing Co.

  Love Child Number Five is a Flanders style red ale, or rather, an “aged Belgian-style sour ale,” and a member of Boulevard Brewing Co. “Smokestack Series.” Boulevard Brewing imparted separate wood and stainless steel aging techniques to blend this sour beer. They were successful in giving this ale an intense sour profile that overshadows any other notes. Though after allowing time to breath and come to temperature, an underlying sweetness takes hold along with some fruitiness in the body. A mild yeast presence began to find its way out on the finish as well. Its mouth feel is...

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