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Month: October 2015

Why Should you Drink “Old” Beer?

You may call it old, we call it mature. The Pint has the short and quick version of why aged beer is so delicious. Have you ever tried a really great stout — deep roasty malt, subtly sweet, that inflicts just the right amount of tang to match the 10% ABV? Try to imagine that beer a year from this hypothetical tasting session. A stout that is tasted fresh might impart flavors of chocolate, roasted nuts, and oak and be very boozy. With time these flavors will have time to develop, with the booze taking a back seat to...

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The Rise of Beer Culture in Northern Colorado

Few people will argue that Northern Colorado is an important hub in the US craft beer scene. In fact, according to the Brewers Association database, there are 15 breweries in Fort Collins, 7 in Loveland, and 6 in Greeley and Windsor along with over a dozen more listed as in the planning stages. A total of 42. The brewing scene here, however, is not yet even 30 years old. Perhaps to the craft drinkers’ chagrin,the first brewery to establish the area as a brewing centerpiece was Anheuser-Busch in 1988. Their massive brewing operation is a scientific feat of engineering, and serves most of the Western United States with the various brands under the AB Inbev umbrella. Craft breweries weren’t far behind, though, as the second-oldest craft brewer in the state, Odell Brewing Company, opened in 1989 (10 years after the Boulder Beer Company). CooperSmith’s opened the same year, in Ft. Colins. In 1991, what some may consider the flagship Colorado craft brewery, New Belgium, opened. Currently the 4th largest craft brewery in the country according to the Brewers Association, New Belgium produced nearly 1 million barrels of beer in 2014 and is available in 38 states, British Columbia, and Washington, DC. Their new East Coast brewing operations will open early next year. Another long-standing brewing icon in Fort Collins is C.B. and Potts.  Originally opened in 1974 as the...

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GABF 2015: Beer Brings People Together

The 34th Annual Great American Beer Fest is upon us, and Northern Colorado breweries are ready for their shot at more medals but most seem to agree that GABF – the biggest national beer fest with more than 1,500 breweries and 7,000 entries vying for 90 medals and top honors – is more is more about networking and camaraderie. Crow Hop Brewing Co-owner Michael Noonan said the main goal is marketing. “The real reason for the fest is to get to people who haven’t tried your beer.” The Loveland brewery, whose Rado’s Red Ale won a gold medal last...

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Artist Profile: Karen Canino

Alchemist Karen Canino Turns Wasted Bottle Caps into Gold Karen Canino is a retired art teacher who doesn’t see herself as retired, but rather on new a adventure in life. Karen is passionate about making “trash” into polished, highly crafted pieces of fine art. She specializes in beer bottle cap jewelry and recycled sweater hats. Canino is so successful at making bottle caps into fine jewelry that some think they are machine made. Canino carefully trims and reshapes bottle caps then sets them into re-purposed metal disks. The finished product is a unique up-cycled piece of jewelry. She told...

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Greeley’s OktoBREWfest 2015

Greeley’s OktoBREWfest takes place Friday October 2nd at 5pm and Saturday October 3rd at 11am at Lincoln park in Downtown Greeley. Bring your family down to enjoy games for the kids, polka and bluegrass music and plenty of craft beer. Bianca Fisher, member of the Greeley Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and one of the organizers of OktoBREWfest told the Pint, “As much as it’s a fun beer festival, it’s a cultural celebration as well.” Weld County has a rich history of German-Russian Immigrants. Last year about 10,000 total people attended the festivities. Fisher expects about the same this year....

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