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Month: November 2015

Your Choice Colorado Petition’s for Craft Beer in Grocery Stores

October 2015 Your Choice Colorado, or YCC, launched an official awareness campaign highlighting Colorado’s supposed “outdated” liquor law. Their goal as an organization is to inform Coloradans of current Colorado liquor law and create support for a 2016 ballot initiative. This initiative aims to uproot portions of Colorado’s prohibition-era laws, allowing for full-strength beer and wine sales in Colorado grocery stores. Currently, Colorado liquor law allows for only one liquor license per entity, eliminating the opportunity for large grocery chains to offer full- strength beer and wine statewide. While these chains do choose to operate within current law, most have a full- strength liquor section in a single storefront somewhere within the state. This move to change current law has not gone without opposition. Many fear that allowing full-strength beer and wine sales in grocery stores would harm Colorado’s localized economy. Chuck Grineski of Loveland’s Elevation Liquors says, “We don’t want to see a loss of jobs across Colorado.” He fears many liquor stores across the state will be run out of business, and that the landscape of Colorado’s economic liquor structure will change for the worse. Grineski pointed out that because of Colorado’s unique liquor laws, the owners of these stores “all live here in Colorado, which keeps more money in the state.” If out-of-state corporations gain a stake in Colorado liquor sales, many fear that that money...

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Thanksgiving Dinner & Beer Pairing

All too often we spend countless hours, days, and weeks preparing for Thanksgiving celebrations. The whole family is coming to town, the house is decked out in deep hues of orange and red, and the table setting is fit for kings, and then we run to the store last minute for a handful of cheap wine.  This off-balance relationship between food and drink does not make sense when the right beverage can greatly enhance your feast. Stop this injustice, and read up on The Pint’s suggestions on what beers you need at your Thanksgiving dinner for 2015. Friek Fruit Lambic- Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins, Co.  Odell’s Friek is a mixture of a lambic style Kriek (cherry) ales aged in wood barrels then delicately mixed with raspberries. This sour beer comes in at 6.9% and is extremely drinkable. Even the most cautious beer drinker will be surprised how this sour ale open up their palate to a world of sweet berries, bright lemon, tangy cherry, a touch of sour raspberry and a dry champagne finish.  Friek pairs nicely with a refreshing spinach salad with a bright vinaigrette dressing garnished with cranberries, apples, and almonds. This beer will prepare your palate for heavier flavors, both in food and beer, throughout the day. Spiced Apple Pie Cider- Wild Cider Company, Firestone, Co.  With the anti-gluten campaign sweeping the nation, some...

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Recipe: Beer Cheese n’ Mac

Beer Cheese n’ Mac Recipe from Charles Winters Along with fall’s changing weather comes football, friends, and comfort food. What better way to celebrate this intermediary season than by combining two favorites—beer and macaroni & cheese! The addition of beer brings out the flavor of the cheese sauce in this dish that is sure to satisfy the heartiest fall appetite. Serves: 4 Prep: 20 min Cook: 30 min Ingredients: 1/4 cup            butter or margarine 1/4 cup            flour 1 1/2 cups        warm milk 1/2 cup            heavy cream 12 oz. (about 3 cups)    sharp...

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Cooler Nights Demand Bigger Beers

Mild temperatures over the last few weeks have made us mostly forget that it’s fall. Colder weather is creeping in, though, and as fall ends and winter begins, our palates start to change to anticipate the coming season of rich foods, and we look for beers that make us feel comfy and warm. Here are a few styles that fit the bill. -Imperial Stout- Stouts and porters come to many people’s minds for this time of year, and they’re a natural choice, with their dark, malty goodness. The color and flavor come from roasting the malted barley, much like...

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Left Hand hosts 2nd annual Nitro Fest

Nitrogen gassed beer is a trend that has slowly been building in the craft beer industry with great help from Left Hand Brewing Company who trademarked “Nitro” and released their bottled Nitro series in 2011. Left Hand and Nitro beer are so closely intertwined, their Milk Stout Nitro is their best selling beer and had become the poster child for their brewery, as well as the bigger genera of Nitro beers. Typically beer is fueled by Carbon Dioxide and produces big bubbles in the head that dissipates quickly. On the other hand, Nitrogen beers are adorned with a thick head made of micro bubbles that greatly enhance the mouthfeel of a beer making it smoother, and creamier. Nitrogen can be added to almost any style of beer and usually evens out the flavors, and slightly reduces the aroma. It was only appropriate for Left Hand to honor the style they brought to light by hosting an all Nitro beer festival. With our Masquerade attire ready, camera in tow, and dressed to impress The Pint made its way to Left Hand Brewing’s second annual Nitro Fest held at Roosevelt park in Longmont. Just as Left Hand beers are out of the ordinary so was their circus themed Nitro Fest that took place in a giant tent reminiscent of DIA. The festival sights consisted of luminous characters atop stilts waltzing through...

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