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Month: November 2015

Fort Collins Brewery Learn to Homebrew Day Q&A

Over the weekend, The Pint was lucky enough to speak with some of the very talented brewers over at Fort Collins Brewery during the AHA’s Learn to Homebrew Day. Using a homemade transportable pilot system, these liquid pioneers were brewing up a variation on their trademark Double Chocolate Stout. Whether you are just getting into the hobby of homebrewing, or it has become somewhat more than a hobby altogether, these tips and tricks gleaned from the professionals will come in handy on your next batch. To Grain or Not to Grain? That is the question, at least if you...

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Best Beers for Your Football Party

Adam Konruff’s Pick:  When I want to bring a mild brew to knock back with friends, Oskar Blues Brewery’s Pinner Throwback IPA is my buzz of choice. In a nod to the state’s love of cannabis, and its cousin, the hop, Longmont’s Oskar Blues created this 35 IBU, 4.9% ABV session IPA, using several hop varieties to hone in on the dankest taste possible with only a mild high. The aromas and flavor will remind your friends of their younger, more rebellious years, or perhaps lead to a little halftime session in the garage. I mean, hey, it is...

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