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Month: March 2016

The Process of Collaboration, Brewing together

Just as drinking a great beer is better together, so is brewing a great beer. Craft breweries look at others in the industry as fellow beer crazed friends, especially during the months leading up to the 3rd annual Collaboration Fest. Two Parts media firm puts on the fest that brings together 2 or more “brewing personalities” to create a one-of-a-kind beer. Alex Wiessner, media coordinator for Collab. Fest says “It is so cool to hear the stories behind the beer. From former employees getting together with their former employers…all 85 recipes have a detailed story on how they came...

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Forgotten Roots: An American Heritage Winery

Forgotten Roots is a “Winery that thinks it is a brewery.” Says owner Ryan Carroll who opened up shop on Windsors main drag in mid April. Carroll’s belief is “To be as locally sourced as possible, and if we can pick the fruit ourselves, even better.” Along with making their own fruit wine, Forgotten Roots also carries an extensive list of local wine, ciders, and meads. Carroll is a self proclaimed fermentor, he and his wife, Sarah,  will ferment anything “Cheese, cabbage, wild fruit, grains, and grapes.” Carroll told us.  Forgotten Roots is a “American heritage winery” that really...

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Moonlight Meadery – Utopian Batch #9

Londonderry, New Hampshire, better known for its apple orchards than anything else, was also home to James Wilson, the United States’ first globe maker. Today, Londonderry holds host to Moonlight Meadery, makers of self-proclaimed “exceptional meads.” To this statement The Pint, would not disagree, though our experience in honey-wine is not that of beer. Enter, Utopian Batch #9, Moonlight Meadery’s ultra rare, ultra exclusive, honey-wine. Aged for 5 years in hand-selected oak barrels sourced from Sam Adams himself. (The next batch, batch #10, will not be released until 2021.) Only 3 cases of this product have been allocated to each of their 38 states of distribution. Colorado is one of the lucky few and is distributed through Crooked Stave Artisans. This mead’s enchanting, golden-hue is something of distinct beauty, one that beckons all gazers that have laid their eyes her to take a sip. After answering the siren’s call, one may fall into the deepest depths of pleasure, for certain, ne’r to return. The barrel aging of Utopian is apparent, with massive amounts of oak character in the nose, as well as hints of white chocolate and orange blossom. Utopian’s body creates a sense of purity, while leaving the illusion of having just consumed a spoonful of honey. Illusion, because this mead is not syrupy, but rather portrays the consistency of a deep red wine. While enjoying this product it...

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Three Barrel Brewing – Burnt Toast Brown

Burnt Toast is an acceptable brown ale that can be enjoyed by beer snobs, and novelists alike. Classified as a Northern English Brown Ale, this dark chocolate-colored ale with very little head was poured in a pint glass and set in front of me at Three Barrel Brewery in Del Norte, Colorado. The nose produced intense cinnamon, burnt coffee beans, roasted oats, and toffee flavors that lingered into the first sip. This beer inspired vivid memories of eating cinnamon toast as a child. One side was always burnt, a bitterness that could only be partly covered up by huge slabs of butter and a generous helping of cinnamon-sugar. Moderate carbonation creates just the right amount of fizz needed for this malty beverage with very little hop profile to glide over your pallet easily, and go down smooth. Indeed, a sip of Burnt Toast is like taking a bite into the center of cinnamon toast, the burnt crispy edges play nicely into a soft and sweet center that leaves you wanting...

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WeldWerks One Year Anniversary Brings More than Expected

Three medals from the Denver International Beer Festival in 2015, a silver medal at the U.S. Open Beer Championship, a Silver medal for their Hefeweizen at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, and USA Today’s winner for “Best New Brewery of the Year.” It’s hard to think that WeldWerks Brewing Company is only coming up on their one year anniversary. WeldWerks opened on March 5th, 2015. in downtown Greeley. “Things took off really quick, we started talking in February [2014], we had a business plan done by April, had our equipment by May, and started construction in August… we...

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