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Month: April 2016

Two Takes on the IPA: What side are you on?

East Coast/Atlantic IPAs In craft beer circles, no other style has dominated in the past decade like the India Pale Ale. It’s what got everyone concerned with different hop varieties and what was possible with different aromas, bitter-sweet balance, and up until recently, how biting and dry a beer could possibly be. Enter the East Coast or Atlantic style IPA. They differ significantly from the aggressive, in-your-face hops of the West Coast by adding a malty backbone to balance the assertiveness of the hops. This is a similar approach to the original English IPA, where hops were originally added simply as a preservative to the traditional malty English ale. East Coast IPAs are more approachable for many whose sensibilities are offended by the sometimes taste-bud shrinking, cotton-mouth-inducing sharpness of the West. Because of the balanced flavor profile, East Coast IPAs will bring more people into the fold. The New England Style IPA is usually loaded with citrus and tropical aromas but with very little bitter at the end. These curious beers are also unfiltered and not  the copper-colored, clear beer that many Coloradans have become accustomed to. If you see one on tap and you don’t usually drink IPAs, ask for a sample. You may become an IPA person after all. West Coast Most people either really love or really hate the IPAs we’ve come to know. This may...

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Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project Completes Move to Downtown Loveland

Verboten Brewing has been without a storefront for the last year. They just moved to downtown Loveland into a space triple the size of their old location. They have goals to double their production tanks, become a destination brewery for Colorado brewery lovers, and maintain a comprehensive barrel project alongside their flagship beers. In their third year of business, Verboten owners, Jason Bowser, Angie and Josh Grenz, packed up their old facility in the outskirts of Loveland and moved to the heart of downtown, making somewhat of a “BEERmuda triangle” between Crow Hop, and Loveland Aleworks. Angie Grenz explains...

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The Food Truck Featurette: Ninjas, Goodfellas, and Tramps

Thank God for food trucks. Without them, we would have to rely on breweries to have spend major money on their kitchens instead of focusing that capital on bettering their beer. Thankfully, Colorado has a vast selection of varying genres of food trucks to keep us entertained and sustained. We rounded up three trucks: Umami: Asian Fusion, Tramp About: Regional American, and Talarico’s Taste of Italian to see what the food truck culture is all about. Umami: Asian Fusion In 2012 Umami became the second food truck to roam Fort Collins. Their goal: cultivate a tribe of loyal Umami...

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Beer Review Monday: Hot Rod Lincoln – Sun King Brewing Co.

Hot Rod Lincoln, once a song from the mid ‘50s, is now also a beer from Indianapolis. Every once in awhile Sun King Brewery releases a brew under the “King’s Reserve” moniker. A small batch, barrel aged and/or sour beer packaged in a 16oz, silver bullet, -err aluminum can, for superior drinkability. Far from your standard domestic, Hot Rod Lincoln is a barrel-aged ale that yields 10% ABV and 70 IBU. The beer pours very dark and shows off a dark tan head nearing on reddish hues. The nose boasts a deep oakiness with notes of brandied cherries. The...

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Bask in the Cask

Unpretentious, warm, with a touch of sweetness… just like a hug from your dear ol’ Mum. That’s what we Yanks think of when drinking cask ale. It’s an essential style to try as you journey through the world of beer. Also known as “real ale”, cask ale is unfiltered, naturally carbonated, and goes through a second fermentation in casks. It takes strength and a tricky bit of rolling, racking and tapping to produce. Hand pumps or “beer engines” are used to bring the beer from the cask to your pint. When pulled downward, they draw beer through the line...

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