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Month: May 2016

Master Brewers Association of the Americas: Brewers’ Summit, Fort Collins

On Friday, May 20th at CSU’s Lory Student Center, the Master Brewer’s Association of America hosted a technical summit for brewers. A gathering of the most involved people in the industry spoke about recent innovations for the beer world. In total there were 8 speakers who took to the stage: Jeff DeVoy, technical sales for Heuft packaging (pronounced: hoyt), Dr. Paul Matthews, Senior Research Scientist at Hopsteiner, Dr. Bill Bauerie, Associate professor of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at CSU, Harmony Akers, of CSU, Attorney Mike Laszlo of Laszlo Law, Stephen Borutta and Andrew Mersch both of whom are active members in MillerCoors’ Brewing Development Program, and Peter Bouckaert, New Belgium’s Brewmaster. Each speaker gave a presentation that delved into the extensive knowledge pertaining to his or her specific field. Topics covered ranged from packaging technologies, systems for hop crop improvement, hydroponic hop cultivation, extensive barley research, legal trends concerning breweries, brewery troubleshooting, and barrel inspection/maintenance. On the surface these topics can seem very dry, and somewhat boring, but in reality they are not. These are the things that come together to make your beer the best it can be. The future of beer lies with these people and people like them. They are the ones putting in untold amounts of energy and time, pushing the limits of what is possible with beer and what we know about it. The...

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Forgotten Roots, A Tale of Country Wine

    Ever heard of country wine? You probably have without knowing it. Country wine is made from anything other than grapes. Consider strawberry, pear, plum, cactus fruit, or even dandelion, fermented into an alcoholic beverage. Forgotten Roots Winery, the love child of Ryan Carroll, who, along with his wife, has been refining the art of fermenting since high school. Carroll started out by telling us that he and his wife have fermented everything imaginable, from different fruits and grains to cheese. Carroll told the Pint that they go on gathering sprees, looking for wild cacti that they turn...

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Upslope Get Down, Saturday May 21st

For the past 3 years Upslope Brewing Company has taken it upon themselves to kick off the festival season with a big party at their Flatiron Park location. The Upslope Get Down is an all-day music festival with beer, lots of activities and games, and, of course, food trucks. With a seemingly endless amount of festivals (beer or otherwise) each Summer season, why choose one that is limited to one brewery? Most of us beer geeks go to a beer festival looking to find and experiment with every new style, shape and color of beer. Taking in the aroma,...

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Front Range Rally: Craft Beer for a Great Cause!

 For the past 4 years, Loveland’s Front Range Rally has been helping feed the Northern Colorado community. Founded in 2012 as a craft beer and food truck festival, Front Range Rally aims to provide support for the Food Bank of Larimer County, donating 100% of proceeds. Over 50 craft breweries, distilleries, cideries, and meaderies will be attending, donating both their time and products to help the cause. Ten food trucks will be also be on-site providing great options to keep you full and on your feet. Event organizers, Paul Ferguson and Aaron Heaton of Grimm Brothers Brewing, say the...

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Crabtree Brewing Company Hits a Decade!

Jeff Crabtree opened Crabtree Brewing Company in 2006, and it is the oldest brewery in Greeley. Crabtree loves drinking and brewing malt forward beers, but the recent trend of IPAs has forced him outside of his old love. He admits that when the market polled at 80% of consumers looking for hops, they shrugged their shoulders and decided to cater to the other 20%. His old-world beers are what make Crabtree stand out from the rest. Crabtree has grown with the times, however, and now offers Jeff’s West Coast IPA, which he enjoyed throughout The Pints entire interview. Their...

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