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Month: June 2016

3 Great Patios for Your Summer!

Wiley Roots Brewing Company – Greeley, CO Located on the outskirts of Greeley, beyond the train tracks on 3rd Street and 6th Avenue, between farms and old grain silos, Wiley Roots Brewing Company has a patio that will transport you to another world. Their patio welcomes you with just the right contrast of shade and sun, and big Colorado skies. It offers seating for large groups and opens right up to the brewery, giving patrons a chance to see all the action. Wiley Roots often brings in Wing Shack’s food truck, and they always have popcorn on hand to...

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Great Divide’s 22nd Anniversary Q&A

For their 22nd anniversary, Great Divide Brewing Company is celebrating with a revamped Denver Pale Ale recipe, an introduction of their “Artist Can Series,” and the opening of the brewery’s new canning facility and barrel aging program in the River North District. We caught up with Great Divides Marketing Manager, Shannon Berner and featured local artist, Josh Holland to find out more. The Pint Magazine: After 22 years, why did Great Divide chose to change Denver Pale Ale’s recipe? What is going to be different about it? Shannon Berner: When Great Divide started in 1994, the beer scene in...

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Lynette Carolla Interview: Endless Rant IPA

Endless Rant IPA is the newest addition to Adam Carolla’s beverage line, and is the first beer to be released by Carolla Drinks. It has been described as a more rounded IPA that hits on fruitier, mellow notes. It is an IPA, that Lynette Carolla, Adam Carolla’s wife, hopes will be more accessible to her wine drinking friends. For a few years now, the Carolla’s have been pursuing their like of adult drinks through their brand, Carolla Drinks. Up until this point they have offered consumers a product Adam Carolla has named, Mangria. It is his version of the popular party punch, sangria. Yes, it is a sangria, for men. Adam Carolla, who apart from his Mangria business is more well known for his comic career, as well as being the host of the world’s number one rated podcast. As his fans and critics know, he is not soft spoken about his beliefs, whether they are political or otherwise. Lynette Carolla described that, as a “Mom and Pop” adult beverage organization, the idea of entering the craft beer market was always on their mind. In fact, in regards to Adam Carolla, Lynette Carolla said “Ever since I’ve known him, for 20 years, I’ve never seen him drink domestic beer.” He apparently was a fan of Dos XX, various other non-domestics and often-times craft. Lynette Carolla pointed out that he...

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Adam Carolla’s Mangria Bar Crawl: Denver – June 10th, 2016

In the past, Carolla Drinks has held Mangria Bar Crawls near their hometown in Southern California to help promote their brand. This time around, Adam Carolla’s crew, referred to as lackeys, along with his wonderful wife Lynette Carolla will be hosting a bar crawl in Denver. The event takes place on Friday, June 10th and begins at the Next Door Lounge. For the first time at a Mangria Bar Crawl, Carolla Drinks’ will feature their newly released Endless Rant IPA. Lynette Carolla described the experience as “a really, really fun time” and involves a sense of camaraderie. She said, “You get to meet all these new people…the Carolla Digital Lackeys and Producer Gary will come out, they love to meet the fans.” Bar Crawl check-in begins at 6pm this Friday evening, and the price of the ticket includes a Mangria toast, transportation throughout the event, and food and drink specials. Come on out, to get a taste of Adam’s Mangria, and the Endless Rant IPA. The Pint will be there! Tickets are available at: Read our full interview with Lynette Carolla...

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Elite Brand’s Great International Beer Fest 2016

With so many great breweries located around the world, how do they make it into your local pubs and liquor stores? Distribution companies are a large portion of the beer supply chain and greatly impact what bars have to offer. Elite Distribution is a Colorado based distribution company that spreads the love of fine wines, craft beers, and spirits from the high country to the plains of eastern Colorado. Elite Distribution is a family owned company that, along with its sister company based in Michigan, has been fueling the beverage industry for over 30 years. Elite carries beers from some of the most iconic breweries in America, including Russian River Brewing, Port Brewing Company, Telluride Brewing, Epic Brewing, and Paradox Brewing. They also boast notable labels from abroad; Xingu, Brazil, Duchesse de Bourgogne, Belgium and Coopers in Australia, to name a few. Their 10th annual Great International Beer Fest (GIBF) is a grand gesture of thanks to their customers, and a way to let beer buyers sample their full portfolio of great craft brews. Usually held at Falling Rock Tap House, this year they moved across the street to The Summit Music Hall, a cozy location we expect will be too small next year. “This is not your typical drunken mess kind of festival.” Says Troy Milburn, Owner of Brix Taphouse and Brewery in Greeley, Co. Just one look...

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