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Month: July 2016

Old Chicago Celebrates 40th Anniversary with World’s Largest Tap Takeover feat. Samuel Adams Beer!

by Evan Hundhausen The first ever Old Chicago Restaurant opened in Boulder, Colorado on July 7, 1976, and this year for their 40th anniversary, they’re joining forces with The Boston Beer Company, maker of the Samuel Adams brand, for the World’s Largest Tap Takeover. On July 9 thousands of kegs of various Samuel Adams beer will be delivered to 94 Old Chicago locations across the country. For one day only, there will be over 1400 taps featuring Samuel Adams beer at Old Chicago restaurants, making it the largest tap-takeover ever. “The logistics on this were crazy,” said Johnny Stringer,...

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Beer Review: Sun King Brewing Company – Indians Lager

Every year for baseball season Sun King Brewing Company releases their Indianapolis Indians Lager. For the fifth year in a row, the brewery has partnered with the Indian AAA baseball team as their official craft beer. The beer itself is a Vienna lager that pours with a reddish-copper hue and sports a white, frothy head. The nose projects its malty backbone with a subtle sense of lemon peel. This beer is full bodied, smooth, and malty but finishes with a perfect balancing hop bitterness. Big gulps are required to keep up with the satisfaction, and at 5.5% ABV, you...

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Independent Breweries for Independence Day: 4 Noses Brewing Company

4 Noses Brewing Company Tommy Biblowicz was born with only one nose, but with the help of three more he’s turned his family’s passion for home brewing into something much more potent. Having just celebrated their 2-year-anniversary, 4 Noses Brewery in Broomfield, Colorado is an example of what can happen when 4 individuals of different talents merge to bear one fruit. The ‘4 Noses’ refers to owners Tommy, his mom and dad, and his brother David – each of whom possess strong skill sets in different areas. While Tommy and his mom are more business savvy (Tommy graduated from...

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Independent Breweries for Independence Day: Industrial Revolution Brewing Company

The Industrial Revolution Founded in 2013, The Industrial Revolution Brewing Company was the first brewery in Erie. Their name is a tribute to the early days of the town, and a nod to hard working people everywhere. Co-Owners Tim and Nate Cervantes have always been hard-workers and both came from the construction industry. In fact, at the time of our interview, Nate Cervantes was hard at work installing an expanded patio area for the brewery, by himself. Though, he was able to take a break and tell us about their family operation, stating “It is advantageous to be small....

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Independent Breweries for Independence Day: Buckhorn Brewers LLC

Buckhorn Brewers Buck Your Style. That is, according to Dave Currie, owner and brewer at Buckhorn Brewers LLC, “Our ethos.” Currie has been a home-brewer since 1985 and wants the world to understand that beer is what you make it. Inspired by ancient brewing techniques and ingredients, Currie has a real hold on what he likes to brew and why. He states, “I don’t have a citrusy IPA on tap, which makes me like, the only person in Colorado that doesn’t.” Instead when someone wants a bitter IPA, Currie hands them his gruit, which ironically doesn’t contain hops. He...

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