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Month: August 2016

Beer Review: Experimental Hop IPA by Upslope Brewing and Reel Rock Film Tour

From Upslope Brewing comes a collaboration beer with Reel Rock Film Tour. The beer is called Experimental Hop IPA, and is a parallel to the athletes that Reel Rock Film Tour highlights. The boundaries pushed by the beer are not dissimilar from the boundaries pushed by the climbers in this year’s film tour, though for us couch dwellers, we won’t need to scale a cliff for our rush. The Reel Rock Film Tour is a yearly traveling event that brings together five of the year’s best climbing films and shows them at hundreds of locations across all seven continents....

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Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival 2016

On Saturday August 20, the 7th Annual Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival took place at Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield. It seemed a proper setting for such a festival; an upscale resort complete with 3, 9-hole regulation golf courses. The festival grounds were held outside the hotel, overlooking the sweeping hills of the well-manicured golf courses. And truly, the day’s weather could not have been more perfect. The sun was shining with the first tinges of a coming fall. The festival offered 3 tiers of smoker friendly ticketing options, as well as 2 tiers of non-smoker, “Social” level tickets. Each...

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Beer Review: Laimas Kolsch – Fate Brewing

Leave lots of room in your proper kölsch glass, because super-sized foam will take up a healthy bit of space. Fate’s Laimas Kölsch has a beautiful golden color and slightly cloudy clarity. A non-existent nose gives initial feelings of disappointment, but after the first sip, you are hooked. Plus, you sport a nice beer ‘stache. Super smooth taste with a light kiss for mouthfeel. It clocks in at a respectable 5% alcohol and leaves you wanting more. Provides a clean and balanced hop/malt ratio. Finishes oh-so-sweet… but not too sweet. Buttered and salted corn-on-the-cob intensifies the flavor. We think...

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Escape to the Mountains!

The late summer heat is upon us and with little-to-no relief, The Pint decided it was time to take a mountain town brew tour through Steamboat Springs. Steamboat is now home to four breweries: Butcherknife Brewing, Storm Peak Brewing, Mountain Tap Brewing, and Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we were not able to stop at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill. Next time. Steamboat for us, was approximately a four hour drive. Quite a distance and, yes, there are literally a hundred breweries between here and there. Though, that was not the point. The outside...

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ARISE Music Festival 2016 and The Search for the Subculture of Beer Culture

The 4th incarnation of the ARISE Music Festival has come and gone. Two days later, our over stimulated taste buds tingling with hops. This was not a beer festival per se; we brought our own. Our own human instinct of survival depended on it. More than a music festival, ARISE brings together all from the subculture of America. Mystics from far off lands, travelers, and adventurers alike. The Pint falling into the latter of the three. We set out to this special festival seeking enlightenment, and discovery of the subculture of beer culture. If there were one, it would...

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