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Month: September 2016

Mainline Alehouse and Odell Beer Pairing Dinner

The idea of beer paired dinners are nothing new, but sometimes they may seem a little hard to come by, or just a little out of reach. Well, The Mainline Alehouse in Old Town Ft. Collins has you covered. The Mainline has been in business for 3 years and was started with the idea of being a beer focused eatery, serving American inspired eats with a twist. Main menu offerings include everything from a burger piled high with bacon and onion strings, to chicken and waffles, and even a lobster club sandwich. All standard menu items are recommended along...

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CSU Fermentation Science Degree: Making Waves

When it first rolled out, CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology program made headlines, as simply, “the degree in beer making.” Now entering its fourth year, it has established itself as a rigorous, science-based program with strong ties to the industry. This program is going places. Before you give up that day job to become a full-time student, first do a little research. This academic program is not for the casual garage brewer. And it concentrates heavily on the academic part. Associate Director Jeffrey Callaway says the program is definitely not a “Have Fun, Drink Beer” degree. Four years of...

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