Greeley’s 2nd Annual Beer and Spirits Festival was a hit thanks to a great turnout from the folks of Northern Colorado. Over 150 attendees showed up for the event making it a huge success over last year.

When asked about how the event went, Nick Kenny, organizer for the festival, told The Pint, “Our numbers nearly tripled from last year and we had twice as many breweries and distilleries.” 15 breweries and 2 distilleries donated their time and products to raise money for the the Greeley Philharmonic. Apart from beer and spirits, two food trucks were in attendance: Gunter’s Bavarian Grill, and The Slawpy Barn. Synesthesia provided live music for the event, playing popular tunes with classical instruments.

The festival, which took place at The Garage Creative Co-op in downtown Greeley, reaffirmed everything Greeley has to offer. Smiling faces and friendly encounters legitimized the gathering, an element that is near impossible to replicate at mega beer festivals. Kenny mentioned how he loved seeing everybody standing and conversing with a beer in hand, stating, “To me there is no better way to spend an afternoon than with good friends having good conversations while drinking great beer and listening to exceptional music.”

For next year’s event, Kenny hopes to feature beer brewed by the UNC Brewing Science Program as well as increase attendance and feature 25 or more breweries and distilleries.

In a shout out to the volunteers Kenny said, “This year we had about 12 volunteers who assisted in the event, whether it was pouring, discussing beer, or running ice back and forth for the vendors, we were lucky to have so many talented young aspiring brewers assist with our festival.”