In the past, Carolla Drinks has held Mangria Bar Crawls near their hometown in Southern California to help promote their brand. This time around, Adam Carolla’s crew, referred to as lackeys, along with his wonderful wife Lynette Carolla will be hosting a bar crawl in Denver. The event takes place on Friday, June 10th and begins at the Next Door Lounge. For the first time at a Mangria Bar Crawl, Carolla Drinks’ will feature their newly released Endless Rant IPA. Lynette Carolla described the experience as “a really, really fun time” and involves a sense of camaraderie. She said, “You get to meet all these new people…the Carolla Digital Lackeys and Producer Gary will come out, they love to meet the fans.”

Bar Crawl check-in begins at 6pm this Friday evening, and the price of the ticket includes a Mangria toast, transportation throughout the event, and food and drink specials. Come on out, to get a taste of Adam’s Mangria, and the Endless Rant IPA. The Pint will be there! Tickets are available at:

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