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Author: Kendra Hamman

Elite Brand’s Great International Beer Fest 2016

With so many great breweries located around the world, how do they make it into your local pubs and liquor stores? Distribution companies are a large portion of the beer supply chain and greatly impact what bars have to offer. Elite Distribution is a Colorado based distribution company that spreads the love of fine wines, craft beers, and spirits from the high country to the plains of eastern Colorado. Elite Distribution is a family owned company that, along with its sister company based in Michigan, has been fueling the beverage industry for over 30 years. Elite carries beers from some of the most iconic breweries in America, including Russian River Brewing, Port Brewing Company, Telluride Brewing, Epic Brewing, and Paradox Brewing. They also boast notable labels from abroad; Xingu, Brazil, Duchesse de Bourgogne, Belgium and Coopers in Australia, to name a few. Their 10th annual Great International Beer Fest (GIBF) is a grand gesture of thanks to their customers, and a way to let beer buyers sample their full portfolio of great craft brews. Usually held at Falling Rock Tap House, this year they moved across the street to The Summit Music Hall, a cozy location we expect will be too small next year. “This is not your typical drunken mess kind of festival.” Says Troy Milburn, Owner of Brix Taphouse and Brewery in Greeley, Co. Just one look...

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Beer and Music Festival Guide: Summer 2016

Burning Can – June 4th Oskar Blues Brewing Company’s mega-fest, featuring over 50 breweries serving their beer in, you guessed it: cans; plus live music and camping! Burning Can takes place in Lyons, Colorado on June 4th. Find out more at Greeley Blues Jam – June 10th and 11th Moo…the cows are calling! Greeley’s world renowned blues festival is back again for 2-days of camping, music, and beer at Island Grove Arena. Some of the best blues artists will be in attendance, plus a decent selection of beer. Don’t forget the Blues Jam Pre-Party on the 9th St....

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Troubadour Maltings Makes a Name for Malts

Steve Clark and Chris Schooley started Troubadour Maltings in May 2015 with the goal of telling the story of malts in a more personal way: from grower, to grain, to brewer. When thinking about how malts are much overlooked despite the rising popularity of craft beer and knowledge of hop varieties, Clark and Schooley mention, “for how advanced craft beer is…the supply side of the industry is completely wide open and really static. There’s not a lot of innovation going on.” Consumers don’t have to dig very deep to find out what variety of hops are in a beer,...

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Forgotten Roots, A Tale of Country Wine

    Ever heard of country wine? You probably have without knowing it. Country wine is made from anything other than grapes. Consider strawberry, pear, plum, cactus fruit, or even dandelion, fermented into an alcoholic beverage. Forgotten Roots Winery, the love child of Ryan Carroll, who, along with his wife, has been refining the art of fermenting since high school. Carroll started out by telling us that he and his wife have fermented everything imaginable, from different fruits and grains to cheese. Carroll told the Pint that they go on gathering sprees, looking for wild cacti that they turn...

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Crabtree Brewing Company Hits a Decade!

Jeff Crabtree opened Crabtree Brewing Company in 2006, and it is the oldest brewery in Greeley. Crabtree loves drinking and brewing malt forward beers, but the recent trend of IPAs has forced him outside of his old love. He admits that when the market polled at 80% of consumers looking for hops, they shrugged their shoulders and decided to cater to the other 20%. His old-world beers are what make Crabtree stand out from the rest. Crabtree has grown with the times, however, and now offers Jeff’s West Coast IPA, which he enjoyed throughout The Pints entire interview. Their...

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