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Author: Kristin Owens

CSU Fermentation Science Degree: Making Waves

When it first rolled out, CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology program made headlines, as simply, “the degree in beer making.” Now entering its fourth year, it has established itself as a rigorous, science-based program with strong ties to the industry. This program is going places. Before you give up that day job to become a full-time student, first do a little research. This academic program is not for the casual garage brewer. And it concentrates heavily on the academic part. Associate Director Jeffrey Callaway says the program is definitely not a “Have Fun, Drink Beer” degree. Four years of...

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Beer Review: Laimas Kolsch – Fate Brewing

Leave lots of room in your proper kölsch glass, because super-sized foam will take up a healthy bit of space. Fate’s Laimas Kölsch has a beautiful golden color and slightly cloudy clarity. A non-existent nose gives initial feelings of disappointment, but after the first sip, you are hooked. Plus, you sport a nice beer ‘stache. Super smooth taste with a light kiss for mouthfeel. It clocks in at a respectable 5% alcohol and leaves you wanting more. Provides a clean and balanced hop/malt ratio. Finishes oh-so-sweet… but not too sweet. Buttered and salted corn-on-the-cob intensifies the flavor. We think...

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Never Fear! Grimm Bros Makes Supercharged Beer!

What’s small, purple and chock-full of healthy stuff? America’s berry, also known as the Aronia berry. With North American origins, it has a fascinating history. This superfood was once used by Native Americans for its extensive health properties, everything from an anti-inflammatory to anti-oxidant. Europe ‘borrowed’ it and has been using it in wine for centuries. Nowadays, it has resurged into vibrant growing communities in Nebraska, Iowa and here in Colorado. The berry is back, baby! Grimm Brothers Brewhouse recently partnered with a local Aronia berry producer to create the “healthiest beer ever brewed,” says Tim Fritz, CEO of...

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Prost Brewing Opens Taproom in Old Town Fort Collins

Ahh… the old country. If you’re feeling nostalgic about Germany, or have yet to visit the Vaterland of Beer, Prost Brewing is as close as you can get. Lucky us, there are now two locations here in Colorado, so no passport needed! The Denver-based brewery and taproom is off I-25 on the city’s west side, and their new Fort Collins taproom in old town is expected to open in early May. Prost means ‘cheers’ in German, and after a couple of sips, you’ll be saying that a lot. So many authentic German-style beers to choose from, so where to...

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Beer Review: Boulder Beer’s Emergent White IPA

The white IPA is one of ten official IPA styles according to the 2015 BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program). Often characterized as fruitier and lighter than an American IPA, Boulder Beer’s is spot on. At first smell – hops! With a straw to pale gold color it has a dry mouthfeel and little carbonation. Mild malty taste and ends with a crisp orange finish. At 6.1% ABV, it’s no slouch either. Super dry, it can be used as an aperitif to get those digestive juices going. Try pairing with sweet and saucy bar-b-que...

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