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Author: Nick True

Beer Profile: Polestar Pilsner, Left Hand Brewing

Left Hand Brewing never ceases to amaze; they brew in a way that modifies classic recipes in order to make amazing new creations that are extremely innovative yet hold true to the classic styles that inspired them.  Polestar Pilsner is not any different. Left Hand Brewing took the world’s most popular brew style and made it a bit more robust and flavorful while still retaining the classic, refreshing, and crisp qualities of a classic Pilsner. This is the only Pilsner that I drink in my regular winter beer rotation because it is a titan wrapped in modest clothing. Subtle...

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Soul Squared Brewing: Brewing Farm Fresh Beer

Inside an old barn in the middle of a working farm, Soul Squared head brewers, Jay Shambo and Aaron Gray are revolutionizing the way we obtain and drink local beer. To get Soul Squared’s whole line of beers, one must purchase a yearly share in their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Members will receive a case of bombers filled with a new beer every month. Soul Squared only has three beers that are distributed by conventional means to local liquor stores and bars: their Belgian Blond, American Brown Ale, and Extra Pale Ale. Soul Squared seems to understand the excitement of experimentation and exclusivity, so if you are not a CSA member, you will miss out on their ever-changing monthly beer. Everything Soul Squared does is built on community and local sustainability; the wheat and grains are from local Northern Colorado farms, and even the barley is malted in Colorado. 2016 members will start off the new year with bombers of the Scottish 80 Shilling that incorporates raisin and plum fruit notes. The rest of the line up sounds equally as appealing with a Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Quad, and a Honey Hibiscus Saison scheduled for June. Experience community supported agriculture and brewing at its best by purchasing a share in Soul Squared’s bountiful boozy crop. For more info, visit...

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Beer Profile: Belgian Blonde Ale, Soul Squared Brewing Company.

Belgian Blonde Ale by Soul Squared Brewing Company is a triumphant and creative American twist to a Belgian favorite. We poured the bottle into a Trappist glass where a hazy and golden yellow ale built a light-bodied, pure, white head that settled to very thin and wispy clouds. The nose is sweet with hints of spice and citrus, preparing the palate for what is to come. The mouthfeel is very biscuity and grainy in texture which complements a sweet malt base.  American hops give this old Belgian classic new dimension by adding flavor depth and complexity without overwhelming the rest of the flavor profile. Trappist yeast lends the spice and citrus notes while the classic grains and malts make the beer crisp and refreshing. Experience community supported agriculture and brewing at its best by purchasing a share in Soul Squared’s bountiful boozy crop. Pairs well with: Friends, Sunshine & Pesto Pizza....

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Review: Seclusion IPA from New Planet

Seclusion IPA from New Planet Brewery stands on its own in an already crowded India Pale Ale category, and it just happens to be a gluten-reduced beer. It is one of two debut beers from New Planet Brewery’s new gluten-reduced beer line along with their Tread Lightly Session Ale. New Planet crafts their new line of gluten-reduced beers using typical ingredients like malted barley and grains, allowing for full flavor. They then remove the vast majority of the gluten from the finished product through a special process. This is a real beer that has had its gluten removed, not...

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