Left Hand Brewing never ceases to amaze; they brew in a way that modifies classic recipes in order to make amazing new creations that are extremely innovative yet hold true to the classic styles that inspired them.  Polestar Pilsner is not any different. Left Hand Brewing took the world’s most popular brew style and made it a bit more robust and flavorful while still retaining the classic, refreshing, and crisp qualities of a classic Pilsner. This is the only Pilsner that I drink in my regular winter beer rotation because it is a titan wrapped in modest clothing. Subtle complexity is hidden within a light and refreshing demeanor, yet it has a depth that allows it to compete with even the best winter and black Lagers. Best of all, Polestar is very accessible, even to new beer palates, making it accessible to any beer lover.

I enjoyed Polestar Pilsner in a classic Pilsner glass, where it pours a pale and clear golden yellow with small and uniform carbonation. The light, airy white head dissipates quickly into a thin cloud that still aerates the beer yet does not compromise the flavor of the beer. The nose is characterized by a hint of floral notes and a lingering essence of hops. The taste is light, crisp and balanced with the final impression being much more complex and flavorful than the body would indicate. The aftertaste is mildly skunky, but this is a good thing with the slight bitterness and a hint of hops finishing this beer quite well. The Pilsner malt and pale 2-row grain help balance this beer in a way that makes it possible to drink all day as you are cooped up in a warm house on a cool day.

Left Hand Brewing’s Polestar Pilsner is an amazingly well-balanced beer that is at the pinnacle of its style and can be enjoyed year round. Whether it is cooling you down after a hot day or keeping you warm in the depths of winter, I recommend cracking one open and sharing it with that special loved one.