From Poncha Springs, Colorado. Elevation Beer Co. brings us a farmhouse ale that has been aged for 9 months in chardonnay barrels. Named after the highest tower in Belgium, Signal de Botrange is an homage to brewing traditions of Belgium. The Pint has had the opportunity to profile this beer on two separate occasions. The first time had been in a local pub, fresh from the tap. The second, from a bottle conditioned 750 ml bomber, stored for 12 months prior.

Signal de Botrange fresh from the taps imparted a fruity nose, and on first sip attacked the senses with a tart barnyard mule kick. The second time around however, a completely new beer had emerged. A tame beer, sweet and nectary, bringing with it a welcome mature funkiness that was present but not overbearing. Signal De Botrange offered mild tartness and finished dry, like chardonnay wine. Buy a bomber, forget about it for a year, then enjoy.