From Upslope Brewing comes a collaboration beer with Reel Rock Film Tour. The beer is called Experimental Hop IPA, and is a parallel to the athletes that Reel Rock Film Tour highlights. The boundaries pushed by the beer are not dissimilar from the boundaries pushed by the climbers in this year’s film tour, though for us couch dwellers, we won’t need to scale a cliff for our rush.

The Reel Rock Film Tour is a yearly traveling event that brings together five of the year’s best climbing films and shows them at hundreds of locations across all seven continents. This year’s kick-off event begins in Boulder at the Chautauqua Auditorium on September 15 and is a must attend event for all climbing enthusiasts, and outdoorsy types. For more information about the films, please visit:

The collaboration brew contains 3 lbs of “Idaho Experimental Hop #7” per barrel. Little information has been released about these hops, but we do know that they produce a cacophony of notes that, in our beer, began with a burst of tangerine and citrus. Upon further inhalation and analysis, notes of fresh cut flower, and even sweet rose followed. Going deeper, an earthy hint of garden celery came through.

Experimental Hop IPA, weighs in at 70 IBU and 7.3% ABV. First sip revealed a bright refreshing beer with mild hop bite. After further consumption, it became apparent that trying to pinpoint all profiles buried within the beer was going to take more work than we were willing to put in. We found that taking everything in at once, provided the best drinking experience.

The mouth feel of this beer was nearing perfection. Often times “bigger,” or “experimental” IPA’s will be thick and difficult to muster. Experimental Hop IPA provided easy access to it’s flavor profiles and was pleasant to drink.

All around a great beer that IPA fans of all types will enjoy, as well as possibly those, that are generally opposed to “extra-hopped” beers.

You can find Experimental Hop IPA at both Upslope taprooms or, look for it in giant 19.2 oz. cans around your town. Cheers!