Hot Rod Lincoln, once a song from the mid ‘50s, is now also a beer from Indianapolis. Every once in awhile Sun King Brewery releases a brew under the “King’s Reserve” moniker. A small batch, barrel aged and/or sour beer packaged in a 16oz, silver bullet, -err aluminum can, for superior drinkability. Far from your standard domestic, Hot Rod Lincoln is a barrel-aged ale that yields 10% ABV and 70 IBU. The beer pours very dark and shows off a dark tan head nearing on reddish hues. The nose boasts a deep oakiness with notes of brandied cherries. The body is velvety smooth, giving notes of tart cherry and oak. Hot Rod Lincoln finishes bitter, like a roasted coffee bean. Altogether, a fully enjoyable beer made more fun by it’s hysterical take on the future of beer packaging.