Jeff Crabtree opened Crabtree Brewing Company in 2006, and it is the oldest brewery in Greeley.

Crabtree loves drinking and brewing malt forward beers, but the recent trend of IPAs has forced him outside of his old love. He admits that when the market polled at 80% of consumers looking for hops, they shrugged their shoulders and decided to cater to the other 20%. His old-world beers are what make Crabtree stand out from the rest.

Crabtree has grown with the times, however, and now offers Jeff’s West Coast IPA, which he enjoyed throughout The Pints entire interview.

Their 10-year anniversary is soon approaching, and they intend to pull out all the stops with the release of several new beers and throwbacks alike. Look for local favorites Ginger Bee, Boxcar Brown, Twisted Creek Wheat, Golden 8, and Serenity Amber Ale. ”If it’s not something you’re waiting to see re-released then its going to be a new favorite,” said head brewer Dave Frediani.

Frediani came to Crabtree 5 years ago and worked his way up from grunt worker to the head of operations. When asked what beer they love brewing most, Frediani and Crabtree agree on their Greality Pilsner, which is clean and smooth with nowhere for impurities to hide.

Although Crabtree has many old classics, new beers will be released in their Story Book series in 2016 starting with Chapter 1: A tequila barrel-aged Golden 8 at their anniversary party on May 7th.. “This is our history coming back, and giving it a run for its money.” said Frediani. The rest of the story unfolds throughout the year, so be on the lookout.

Jeff and his wife, Stephanie Crabtree agree that the highlight of the last 10 years has been “Meeting all the great people.” You cannot deny that Crabtree has rightfully earned a great following of regulars.

Crabtree moved in 2012 from their spot on the industrious 3rd Street in downtown to their current 29th Street location. Crabtree told The Pint that the city had no code at the time regarding breweries and would only allow him to open in an industrial zone. Crabtree adds, “We really paved the way for these other breweries coming in right now. In fact, a brewery is still considered a industrial facility unless a tap room is attached.”

Their new location features two biergartens, a zen garden, and a small scale cherry orchard which uses recycled water from the brewing process. Beer feeding cherries, cherries feeding beer.  Cheers to 10 years, Crabtree!

The 10 year anniversary party will be held May 7th at Crabtree Brewing 2961 W 29th St., Greeley, CO. at 4:00 pm.  $10 cover will get you your first pint and a souvenir glass. Music, food, and beer will be provided. Cheers!