Craft Beer Cellar (CBC), a craft-centric liqour store in Fort Collins, is a beer haven that takes customers on a journey through the best beers from around the world. CBC has its sights set on providing Northern Colorado with not only the best selection, but also the most inventive ways to present you with beer. For example, they offer a “Beer of the Month” program, in-store beer tastings every Thursday and Saturday, and an upcoming collaboration beer pairing dinner with The Kitchen in Fort Collins.
On December 16th, CBC owners Chris Lazzery and Justin Wright will bring their beer knowledge to the table by pairing The Kitchen’s current beer selection with their food menu. Keeping it simple, Lazzery and Wright want to enlighten the masses on how food and beer work together to “enhance flavors, mute flavors, and create memory,” says Wright. While the match-ups are being kept secret, Wright did tell The Pint to expect “A modernized cheesecake paired with three different sour beers.”
If drinking beer in your favorite comfy chair is more your thing, CBC’s unique “Beer of the Month” program is for you. Varying packages include 12 beers (small bottles) or three large bottles, hand picked by the self-proclaimed “beer geeks” at CBC and delivered to your doorstep. The program is a great way to introduce yourself to beer you might not have otherwise picked. Keep your beer stocked and horizons broadened all without leaving your house.
The Craft Beer Cellar is located at 122 S. Mason Street and is an easy stroll from Old Town. They have a great selection of local, national, and international beer. Stop by and tell them The Pint sent you! More details can be found at