With so many great breweries located around the world, how do they make it into your local pubs and liquor stores? Distribution companies are a large portion of the beer supply chain and greatly impact what bars have to offer.

Elite Distribution is a Colorado based distribution company that spreads the love of fine wines, craft beers, and spirits from the high country to the plains of eastern Colorado. Elite Distribution is a family owned company that, along with its sister company based in Michigan, has been fueling the beverage industry for over 30 years.

Elite carries beers from some of the most iconic breweries in America, including Russian River Brewing, Port Brewing Company, Telluride Brewing, Epic Brewing, and Paradox Brewing. They also boast notable labels from abroad; Xingu, Brazil, Duchesse de Bourgogne, Belgium and Coopers in Australia, to name a few.

Their 10th annual Great International Beer Fest (GIBF) is a grand gesture of thanks to their customers, and a way to let beer buyers sample their full portfolio of great craft brews. Usually held at Falling Rock Tap House, this year they moved across the street to The Summit Music Hall, a cozy location we expect will be too small next year.

“This is not your typical drunken mess kind of festival.” Says Troy Milburn, Owner of Brix Taphouse and Brewery in Greeley, Co. Just one look around and you could see people sniffing their beers like it was a bouquet of flowers, and taking detailed notes in the provided passport.

These attendees were in it for more than the ABV%. They were serious about their beer.

GIBF is a refreshing, industry-only event, perfect for making connections with other beer geeks.

Some of our favorite beers tried were: Lost and Found Dubbel from Lost Abbey, Los Loco’s Mexican Lager from Epic Brewing and Crixus, a collaboration Strawberry-Rhubarb French Saison from Fate and Renegade Brewing Companies.

Thank you, Elite Brands, for having us!