Forgotten Roots is a “Winery that thinks it is a brewery.” Says owner Ryan Carroll who opened up shop on Windsors main drag in mid April.

Carroll’s belief is “To be as locally sourced as possible, and if we can pick the fruit ourselves, even better.” Along with making their own fruit wine, Forgotten Roots also carries an extensive list of local wine, ciders, and meads.

Carroll is a self proclaimed fermentor, he and his wife, Sarah,  will ferment anything “Cheese, cabbage, wild fruit, grains, and grapes.” Carroll told us.  Forgotten Roots is a “American heritage winery” that really encapsulates Carroll’s experience as a winemaker, home brewer, and his love for the American history of winemaking and fermentation. Briefly, Carroll explained that when American pioneers were headed west they had become conditioned to the fine wines of Europe. They came to find that growing grapes out west was no easy task and quickly learned to ferment other fruits such as strawberries, cactus fruit, gooseberries, plums, and various root vegetables. Jumping back to modern times, Carroll and his wife have a habit of foraging, finding wild fruit and food on hikes, and often use their found goods to cook with, and ferment. Thus, Forgotten Roots was born.

Further cementing their name, hobbies, and interests, Forgotten Roots resides in a historic house built in 1894. While renovating, Carroll found genuine wood floors under the carpet, and an American flag with 45 stars buried under the floorboards. He laughs as he pointed out the original deed that he framed in the tasting room, which states that “No alcohol shall ever be permitted, or produced on premises.”

Forgotten Roots is reviving the ancient art of heritage wine making. Visit their tap-room for a unique experience with mead, cider, fruit and root wines locally made, with passion. 624 Main Street, Downtown Windsor.

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