Grand Lake’s 16th St Tavern is opening its doors to Greeley as soon as bureaucracy permits. Named after their hometown, Grand Lake Brewing Co. currently has two taverns: one in Arvada, and soon at 915 16th Street in Greeley. The 16th St Tavern will be open 11am-10pm on weekdays and 11am-12pm on weekends and offers a warm atmosphere with food, beer, and homemade root beer.

Warren Wood, proprietor, grew up in the family business of Grand Lake Brewing and tells The Pint that if his personality were a beer, he would be a Red IPA because “Red’s are very complex and have a great mix of malt and hops, while not leaning either way. I think it’s more important to be good at many things, than an expert in a few.”  With a nearly completed business degree from UNC, in a town that has evolved into a petri dish of craft culture, be it music, art, or beer, Wood saw an opportunity to put his passion and academic achievements to work by opening the 16th St. Tavern in the iconic bar space, previously occupied by The Crvsh Room, adjacent to UNC’s central campus.

Grand Lake Brewery crafts beer in the English tradition.  “Our beer will not wreck your palate,” Wood explains, but instead will be a “smooth and balanced experience.” Wood mentions that so often craft IPAs citrus, floral, and bitter hops characteristics overwhelm subtleties in the beer. He is proud that Grand Lake’s IPA delivers what hop heads crave while remaining full of flavor. Their Plaid Bastard Scotch Ale is brewed with peat-smoked malts that sets it apart in the market. This ale will also be a featured ingredient on their menu.

The Tavern will offer a full menu for lunch and dinner, happy hour specials Monday-Friday between 3-5pm, and will prove to be great hangout for families, and UNC bears alike.

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