As some of you may know, Detroit based rock band, JR JR, spent this past weekend at The Divide Music festival in Winter Park. The Pint was there making sure the beer paired well with the music (it did), and to take the opportunity to crash the band’s press conference.

We thought it would be clever to ask famous musicians what their favorite beers were. Our interview skills are clunky, and in an effort to stay in the spotlight asked JR JR, three beer related questions in quick succession: 1. Favorite Beers?, 2. Are there good breweries in Detroit? (the band’s hometown), 3. Has JR JR played in any breweries before?

The band confirmed that they had played at Ann Arbor Brewery and went on to make this ridiculous statement, “Detroit has so many good breweries, I think Michigan is the capital of breweries.”

Though we don’t doubt that Detroit and Michigan have great beer. It was the latter part of that statement we must take issue with, as did most of the attending media. The statement was met with various cackles and doubt.

The band member pressed on, stating, “We definitely are!”

More doubt and cackles, even a couple ‘tisks’ ensued. The Pint wanted to clarify his statement and asked, “Per Capita?” The band agreed, “Per Capita.”

Well according to the Brewer’s Association, as of 2015 Colorado has 7.3 breweries per 100,000 residents, to Michigan’s 2.9 breweries to 100,000. Colorado boasts 284 craft breweries to Michigan’s 205. Colorado also produces 1,775,831 barrels of craft beer per year. Michigan? 769,897 barrels of craft beer produced per year. Sorry JR JR, we still love you!

Though we don’t doubt JR JR knows great beer. Their drummer stated “I love the Loonie Kuhnie and the DRIPA,” a pale ale and double rice IPA, respectively, from Michigan based Kuhnhenn Brewing. The band also referenced Bells and Short’s brewing as being great. Lead singer, Daniel Zott stated his favorite brewery is “Dragonmead,” and described the beer, Final Absolution, as “just insane.”

We here at The Pint, are proud to see how far and wide the craft beer scene has extended. It crosses every boundary and socioeconomic class. There is a sense of camaraderie and pride when one reminisces on their favorite hometown brew, a feeling we all can understand, I think.

We wanted to thank JR JR for taking our ridiculous questions and The Divide Music festival and Tsunami Publicity for allowing us to be a part of the event. So thank you, and we hope to see you all again next year! Cheers!