Endless Rant IPA is the newest addition to Adam Carolla’s beverage line, and is the first beer to be released by Carolla Drinks. It has been described as a more rounded IPA that hits on fruitier, mellow notes. It is an IPA, that Lynette Carolla, Adam Carolla’s wife, hopes will be more accessible to her wine drinking friends.

For a few years now, the Carolla’s have been pursuing their like of adult drinks through their brand, Carolla Drinks. Up until this point they have offered consumers a product Adam Carolla has named, Mangria. It is his version of the popular party punch, sangria. Yes, it is a sangria, for men.

Adam Carolla, who apart from his Mangria business is more well known for his comic career, as well as being the host of the world’s number one rated podcast. As his fans and critics know, he is not soft spoken about his beliefs, whether they are political or otherwise.

Lynette Carolla described that, as a “Mom and Pop” adult beverage organization, the idea of entering the craft beer market was always on their mind. In fact, in regards to Adam Carolla, Lynette Carolla said “Ever since I’ve known him, for 20 years, I’ve never seen him drink domestic beer.” He apparently was a fan of Dos XX, various other non-domestics and often-times craft. Lynette Carolla pointed out that he has always been an IPA fan.

It wasn’t until the head-brewers for King Harbor Brewing Company asserted themselves into Adam Carolla’s world, that the idea of adding a craft beer to Carolla Drinks was brought to life. They would show up at his office bearing gifts and beer samples for him and his lackeys to try. It didn’t take long for Adam Carolla to make his decision to create a beer for his drink line.

Adam Carolla knew he wanted an IPA, and after some deliberation he was able to decide on the recipe for Endless Rant IPA.

In the first round of beer tasting, Adam Carolla sensed a little bit too much bite in the beer and told the brewers he wanted a mellower, fruity beer. They found an IPA that encompassed the “mellow California, beachy feel.” Lynette Carolla told The Pint “That Adam, believe it or not, has a little bit of a chick taste.” She revealed to us who the real beer drinker in the relationship is, though he has always been an IPA fan. Endless Rant IPA is available for sale online in 22oz bombers at carolladrinks.com.

At this point the Carolla’s are soon to begin distribution of Endless Rant IPA in Colorado. So be on the lookout at your favorite venues across the state.

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