Londonderry, New Hampshire, better known for its apple orchards than anything else, was also home to James Wilson, the United States’ first globe maker. Today, Londonderry holds host to Moonlight Meadery, makers of self-proclaimed “exceptional meads.” To this statement The Pint, would not disagree, though our experience in honey-wine is not that of beer.

Enter, Utopian Batch #9, Moonlight Meadery’s ultra rare, ultra exclusive, honey-wine. Aged for 5 years in hand-selected oak barrels sourced from Sam Adams himself. (The next batch, batch #10, will not be released until 2021.) Only 3 cases of this product have been allocated to each of their 38 states of distribution. Colorado is one of the lucky few and is distributed through Crooked Stave Artisans.

This mead’s enchanting, golden-hue is something of distinct beauty, one that beckons all gazers that have laid their eyes her to take a sip. After answering the siren’s call, one may fall into the deepest depths of pleasure, for certain, ne’r to return. The barrel aging of Utopian is apparent, with massive amounts of oak character in the nose, as well as hints of white chocolate and orange blossom. Utopian’s body creates a sense of purity, while leaving the illusion of having just consumed a spoonful of honey. Illusion, because this mead is not syrupy, but rather portrays the consistency of a deep red wine. While enjoying this product it is easy to imagine oneself being transported to a sunny meadow on a calm warm day, lying with one’s love while watching pixies dance around your heads. The tune “Spill the Wine,” whispers through the breeze. All around an extremely pleasing beverage.

Utopian Batch #9: Semi-Sweet, 18% abv

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