OC_OCFC_Sam_Adams_tap_takeover_headerby Evan Hundhausen

The first ever Old Chicago Restaurant opened in Boulder, Colorado on July 7, 1976, and this year for their 40th anniversary, they’re joining forces with The Boston Beer Company, maker of the Samuel Adams brand, for the World’s Largest Tap Takeover.

On July 9 thousands of kegs of various Samuel Adams beer will be delivered to 94 Old Chicago locations across the country. For one day only, there will be over 1400 taps featuring Samuel Adams beer at Old Chicago restaurants, making it the largest tap-takeover ever.

“The logistics on this were crazy,” said Johnny Stringer, Manager of Beer Operations at CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc., a multi-brand restaurant operator based in Broomfield, Colorado. They operate restaurants such as Gordon Biersch, Rock Bottom Brewery, and Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom.

Stringer had an integral part in overseeing preparations for the tap takeover event and mentioned how Samuel Adams beers have been on tap at Old Chicago restaurants since the ‘80s. Both brands have grown together throughout the years, which is why they chose to celebrate Old Chicago’s 40th anniversary with a great event.

Jason Murphy, CraftWorks brand manager, coordinated the tap-takeover with Samuel Adams, Old Chicago, and DRAFT Magazine which is in charge of authenticating the world record. Evan Hughes, publisher of DRAFT, told prnewswire.com, “With 1,400 Sam Adams taps across the country on one day, this is the largest tap takeover we’ve seen.”

All Colorado locations will be participating in the Samuel Adams Tap Takeover event.

Below is a complete list of Samuel Adams beer that will be featured for the tap-takeover event, in addition three Samuel Adams “Longshots” will also be available.

Since 1996 Sam Adams has hosted the Longshot American Homebrew Contest to recognize the most talented home brewers in the country who submit their recipes to Samuel Adams. Winners get their recipe featured across the country.

Samuel Adams Featured Beers:

“Noble Pils” Bohemian Pilsner, 4.9%

“Porch Rocker” Radler, 4.5%

“Summer Ale” American Wheat, 5.3%

“Sparkling Ale” Blonde Ale, 4.8%

“Crystal Pale Ale” Pale Ale, 5.3%

“Boston Lager” Amber Lager, 4.9%

“Nitro White Ale” Witbier, 5.5%

“Whitewater IPA” White IPA, 5.8%

“Rebel Rouser” Imperial IPA, 8.4%

“Rebel Grapefruit” IPA, 6.3%

“Double Bock” Bock, 9.5%

“Grumpy Monk” Belgian IPA, 6.5%

Samuel Adams Longshots:

“Neighborino” Flanders Red, 6.3%

“Nanzer’s” Belgian Golden Ale, 9.1%

Raspberry Berliner Weisse, 4.0%

These winning homebrews will soon also appear in 2016 variety Longshot 6-packs. So if you can’t make the tap-takover on July 9, you can find these beers at your local beer store. For more information visit: