Seclusion IPA from New Planet Brewery stands on its own in an already crowded India Pale Ale category, and it just happens to be a gluten-reduced beer. It is one of two debut beers from New Planet Brewery’s new gluten-reduced beer line along with their Tread Lightly Session Ale.

New Planet crafts their new line of gluten-reduced beers using typical ingredients like malted barley and grains, allowing for full flavor. They then remove the vast majority of the gluten from the finished product through a special process. This is a real beer that has had its gluten removed, not the brown water substitutes that we are all accustomed to from other gluten-reduced options.

From can to glass, Seclusion IPA has a light and fluffy white head that builds quickly then dissipates just as rapidly into a nice thin foam that aerates the complex flavors. The color is a light, clear amber copper that has a perfect level of uniform carbonation and releases flavor and aromas well. The nose itself is pleasant, hop forward with a hint of malt that readies your palate for the taste that is about to come.

The taste and mouthfeel is where this beer excels: it keeps to the IPA style perfectly with its hop-forward profile and  subtle but not overwhelming bite. The mouthfeel is smooth and the biscuity malts play extremely well with caramel overtones. This beer finishes smooth and clean with floral and pine notes. Overall, could be a go to IPA for anybody and a gift from above for those that are gluten-sensitive. Cheers!
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