Chris Young, founder of The Beer Connect, is changing the way we buy beer, by taking the place of traditional beer distributorships. “The Beer Connect is a game changing, high-quality, full service, digital self-distribution platform and marketplace for all things craft beer.” Said Young. He launched his project in late 2015, and since then has been on the trajectory of ground breaking success. Though the idea of purchasing liquor online is not entirely new, his platform serves micro and nano breweries by utilizing the mail service to distribute beer.

Recently The Beer Connect earned ALPHA status at Collision Conference, the fastest growing tech conference in the world.  The event boasts many high profile players in the tech industry and serves as a an outlet for young tech companies. The ALPHA program gives recognition to start-up technology companies that show potential to disrupt the status quo in any given industry. Think Uber and the taxicab service.

“Craft beer selection is very limited due to distribution and shelf space constraints. Add in the fact that the quality of a beer can be compromised due to improper storage; the beer is no longer how the brewer intended” Young points out. The Beer Connect changes these major problems by simply connecting breweries, their beer, and the consumer.

The Beer Connect offers to consumers a seemingly endless selection of great craft and rare beers for purchase, discounted rates to many beer festivals, and brewery merchandise.

Though the logistics for such an endeavor are complicated, Young and his team have nonetheless bridged the gap for many brewers. Liquor laws vary from state to state, so not all beer is available everywhere. Because of The Beer Connect, brewers will now be able to get there beer in front of the people who want it. The free market at work. Isn’t it beautiful?

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