Burnt Toast is an acceptable brown ale that can be enjoyed by beer snobs, and novelists alike. Classified as a Northern English Brown Ale, this dark chocolate-colored ale with very little head was poured in a pint glass and set in front of me at Three Barrel Brewery in Del Norte, Colorado. The nose produced intense cinnamon, burnt coffee beans, roasted oats, and toffee flavors that lingered into the first sip. This beer inspired vivid memories of eating cinnamon toast as a child. One side was always burnt, a bitterness that could only be partly covered up by huge slabs of butter and a generous helping of cinnamon-sugar. Moderate carbonation creates just the right amount of fizz needed for this malty beverage with very little hop profile to glide over your pallet easily, and go down smooth. Indeed, a sip of Burnt Toast is like taking a bite into the center of cinnamon toast, the burnt crispy edges play nicely into a soft and sweet center that leaves you wanting more.