When owner Cody Pisacka opened the doors to his craft brewery in March 2014, he designed the concept around the ratification of the 21st Amendment on December 5, 1933, the repeal of Prohibition. Since opening, 1933 Brewing has carved out their niche in the Fort Collins craft brewery scene with well-made standards — IPAs, lagers, stouts and the like — and a popular Chili Beer — loaded with Serrano and Anaheim peppers — but on December 31, 2016, 1933 Brewing will be closing its doors and undergoing a metamorphosis. Pisacka has sold the brewery to Zach Wilson, 1933’s head brewer and Laura Sickles, the brewery’s marketing coordinator.

“Zach and I have been working on our own business plan for a long time, even before we met each other actually,” Sickles tells The Pint. “We’ve both had this passion to own our own brewery and we have our own concept in mind. And so the opportunity arose with our current owner and just everything kind of fit into place.”

Wilson and Sickles are also engaged, which makes the turnover more of a family affair.

“We thought we would start our dream here since we know the equipment here,” Sickles says. “The space is perfect for what we need.”

What shape Sickles and Wilson’s brewery will take is not yet clear. Though the two have been planning the change for a while now, a flurry of events and legalities are keeping them from sharing what changes are in store.

“It’ll be something a little different, for sure,” Sickles says. “Maybe even some of the old brews [Wilson]’s made will make an appearance in the future as well. We’re going to try and keep it open for now. But also trying to keep it a little bit of a mystery.”

What is for certain is that Sickles and Wilson will have to close their doors while the renovation is underway, a difficult decision to make because it would directly impact their day-to-day customers.

“[Staying open] just something that wasn’t possible,” Sickles explains.

But they won’t be closed for long. Sickles is hoping for a re-opening within the year.

“I wouldn’t say longer than that,” Sickles says. “But it will be a whole new concept, a whole new business name.”

On December 31, 2016, 1933 Brewing will go out with a bang. Sickles says that 1933 has about 20 kegs left in the cooler, and they want to kick them all before the dawning of a new year and a new brewery. Sickles invites the 1933 faithful to stop by, say hello to the new owners and enjoy a well-crafted brew.

Details of Wilson and Sickles’s new brewery will be posted on 1933’s website, 1933brewing.com, Facebook, Instagram (#1933brewing) and Twitter (@1933brewing) in the near future.