Verboten Brewing has been without a storefront for the last year. They just moved to downtown Loveland into a space triple the size of their old location. They have goals to double their production tanks, become a destination brewery for Colorado brewery lovers, and maintain a comprehensive barrel project alongside their flagship beers.

In their third year of business, Verboten owners, Jason Bowser, Angie and Josh Grenz, packed up their old facility in the outskirts of Loveland and moved to the heart of downtown, making somewhat of a “BEERmuda triangle” between Crow Hop, and Loveland Aleworks.

Angie Grenz explains that the brewery culture is changing. Right now it is about being the neighborhood hang-out, and less about extensive production and distribution. The new location lends itself to much more foot traffic and bringing in new faces.

Bowser told The Pint about the many specialty beers and one-offs they have planned for tap-room release: “You’ll always be able to experience beers in our tap room that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else… we want it to be a special experience.”   “We really like being downtown; we wanted that downtown energy that we feel matches our product as well.” Grenz added.

While their downtown location was under construction, Verboten had been brewing and kept taps at Snowbank in Fort Collins. They say the experience was nothing but positive and inspiring. In fact, they are planning to purchase almost the exact same brewing system that they became familiar with at Snowbank. Verboten’s most popular beer, Thinking Of Something Orange, is an American Orange Blossom Honey Wheat that will still be brewed at Snowbank throughout the year to keep up with high demand.

Bowser and Grenz both grow passionate when they reminisce  about their beginnings: Angie and Josh were those homebrewers who carried around notes on yeast strains while touring breweries, while Bowser has roots at Odell, New Belgium, and Grimm Brothers. Bowser told The Pint “Colorado in general is real collaborative. And craft beer is in general. I want to keep that.”

“We can end the day saying we’re making beer, and there is nothing better than that,” Grenz says as we all filled up on pints and headed to a tour.

Expect Barrel-aged beer, expect friendly bar staff, expect to play a lot of shuffleboard, and expect to see Verboten on your next visit downtown Loveland.