The Festival of Dark beers was a culmination of time, imagination and a love for the more sinister side of brewing. Put on by Greeley based, Wiley Roots Brewing Co., the festival featured 11 newly released dark beers, a large sound system, special lighting and a dj. The festival took place in the warehouse behind Wiley’s taproom.

Of the beers featured, some were spin-offs of already popular Wiley beers, such as a Vanilla version of their imperial chocolate porter, “Midnight on the Run.” Others were brand new concoctions, never before seen by fans of the brewery. Notable showings included a S’Mores stout, and a Black French Saison made with blackberries and raspberries. The latter being more of a mind-trick, hiding behind its dark mysterious cape. It was a solid saison, made more memorable by its apparent disregard to tradition. In fact, the festival as a whole was outside tradition; from the venue, to the music, to the array of dark beers that could have persuaded any die hard light beer fan to possibly change their mind. Overall the first year of the event was energetic and fun. Next year should be even better.

FODB Beer List:

  1. Maple Oatmeal Stout
  2. Cranberry Chocolate Porter
  3. Imperial Brownie Stout
  4. S’Mores Stout
  5. Chocolate Orange Stout
  6. Black French Saison
  7. Loveland Aleworks Collaboration – Imperial Black IPA
  8. Nighthawk Collaboration – Dry Hopped Black Berliner
  9. Midnight on the Run: Vanilla Sky
  10. Imperial Milk Stout w/ Coffee, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg
  11. Single Hop Black Extra Pale

Photo Credit: Ben Stivers